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In order to help you protect yourself, your partners and to take control of your health, we compared between the top STD testing services.

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The industry-leading online STD testing provider. Offers an FDA-approved HIV RNA Early Detection Test

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Founded in 2006 and providing affordable, reliable STD testing

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More than 2,300 labs

Founded in 2001, providing a wide range of testing kits, includeing STD testing kits

Tests for Common STDs
Private & Confidential Process
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The Importance of STD Testing

One of the biggest problems of STD's is the fact that many people are unaware they have been infected, which of course makes it harder to prevent it and providing an appropriate treatment.
The only way to know if you have an STD is to get a simple STD test.

There are many reasons why talking about sex and getting tested for STD, both you and your partner. Although it may be uncomfortable sometimes, you must remember that most of the sexually transmitted disease are often doesn't come with immediate symptoms.

Don’t let an uncomfortable conversation or thought be a reason not to protect yourself and your partners.

With today's advanced technology, it's made much easier and affordable getting tested for STD, and at the same time protecting your privacy.

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